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There is a new “Store” section on Just click the link on the top main menu. As of now, a few items from CafePress are available with some of my digital paintings. Later I will add CDs to the page.

Ambience Minimal 2
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Ambience. Minimal. 2

The second installment of the Ambience. Minimal. series.  This is one long track of minimalist ambient music designed for meditation, relaxation and contemplations. Dancing, spacey, piano notes. At 25 minutes, it is perfect for a quick midday meditation or a track to go to sleep to. Digital Downloads Available on CD Baby. Physical CDs Available […]

The Path to Happiness and Wisdom
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The Path to Happiness and Wisdom

We all want to find happiness. In the everyday chaos of our lives, that can be difficult. There is a tried and true path toward wisdom that brings us happiness. This is the ancient path of Yoga. Learn how you can rid yourself of the obstacles to being happy, and reinforce the qualities in life […]

Bardish Music Past
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Bardish Music Past

Bardish Music Past is now available! This retrospective album features the best of Sam Bardin, including two previously unreleased tracks, The Wind in the Trees and Summer Slumber. Featuring songs from the albums: Contemplative Keys, Under the Stars, Harmonic Motion and 21st Century Bard. Electric guitar meets downtempo grooves and ambient atmospheres. Available on CD […]