Contemplative Keys

Contemplative Keys is piano-centric. Minimalist. Serene. A little bit of ambient, a whole lot of piano and keyboards. A perfect album for the evening when you just need to sit back and relax. Soothing waves and mellow piano transport you to serenity with the first track, Clarity. Next, Dreaming Adagio brings in a somewhat rhythmic piece with a contemplative piano overlay, played on scratchy vinyl. The third track, A Walk in the Snow, presents a cathartic yet gentle exploration of cold piano. Then, continuing through the depths of winter, Sheltering in an Arctic Cave brings crystalline keys in a cold, protected, glacial crevice. Mysterious Broadcast is an introspective piece; minimal, yet full bodied. A cold rain inspires Midnight Storm, with its thoughtful piano moving forward into Morning Sun. Finally, the album concludes with Twelve Minutes of Mellow, minimalist piano. Contemplative Keys is a relaxing album that is sure to wind down a hectic day.

  1. (4:07) Clarity
  2. (4:04) Dreaming Adagio
  3. (5:34) A Walk in the Snow
  4. (3:57) Sheltering in an Arctic Cave
  5. (4:56) Mysterious Broadcast
  6. (3:26) Midnight Storm
  7. (3:47) Morning Sun
  8. (11:55) Twelve Minutes of Mellow