Binaural Ambience
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Binaural Ambience

Available as a 2-disc set at Amazon

Binaural Ambience will lull the listener into a meditative state with Binaural Beat frequencies. The technique involves a specific tone in one ear, and a slightly different tone in the other. The difference in the frequencies, when combined in the brain, is perceived as a frequency specific “beat.” The brain picks up on this frequency and “entrains” to it. This album targets certain brain states which are associated with deep meditation. Research into this technique has shown that it can produce, in the beginner with no meditative practice, a deeply meditative state usually only achievable through years of meditation. I have been using this technique personally for the last 18 years. I mention it in my book, The Path to Happiness and Wisdom, in the third chapter. There is much information available on the internet about this technology. The first track, taken from Ambience Minimal 2, at 73 minutes, will target the “Alpha brain state,” and then down into the deeply meditative “Theta brain state.” This is a gently relaxing method. There are a couple brief “waking tones” to bring your attention back in case you start to fall asleep, or your mind wanders. The second track, taken from Ambience Minimal 1, at 25 minutes, is straight to the point for a quick descent into the Theta brain state. You should listen through headphones for the greatest effect. This is deep meditation music. WARNING! This product contains embedded binaural beat frequencies. Do not listen while driving or in any circumstance where you need to remain alert. Avoid if you suffer from epilepsy, siezures or are vulnerable to flashing lights, as this uses the same concept audibly. This product is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric advice.

About Brainwave States

Beta  (14 Hz-30 Hz)        Waking, Focused, Thinking, Daily Activity

Alpha (8 Hz – 14 Hz)        Relaxing, Learning, Pre-sleep

Theta (4 Hz – 8 Hz)        Deep meditation, Dreaming, Light Sleep

Delta (0.1 Hz-4 Hz)        Deep Sleep, Unconsciousness

This album uses Alpha and Theta states.

1. Binaural Ambience 1:    12Hz-6Hz   Time: 72:53

2. Binaural Ambience 2:    6Hz       Time: 26:32

Available as a 2-disc set at Amazon