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Improv Piano: The Early Recordings: Volume One

Improv Piano: The Early Recordings: Volume One

17 Tracks, 74 Minutes

I have decided that along with my greatest hits album, Bardish Music Past, I should also release a catalog of early recordings. Back from before I recorded multi-track songs. It’s improv piano pieces, remastered. These tracks were recorded before I had a good understanding of the technicalities of the recording process.  The remastering process consisted of adding reverb, EQ and leveling the volume properly. The occasional clipping is unavoidable and is one reason I switched to MIDI recording early on.  It is only an extension to my catalog of music. Almost all the songs are previously unreleased, other than on self-burned and printed albums given to friends and family. These are from the earliest recordings from 2006-2008. I expect to eventually put together Volume Two, but I have no concrete plans yet.

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